CWVE 2021 Session 2C: Co-Creating Race Equity Tools: Practical Strategies for Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement Efforts

Explore ways that jurisdictions can integrate strategies to promote equity in continuous quality improvement (CQI) and evaluation efforts. 

Publication year: 2021
Capacity Building Center for States

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​In this video, presenters discuss a new resource (developed jointly by several national organizations including Casey Family Programs, the Capacity Building Center for States, and Chapin Hall) designed to help jurisdictions take action to focus on racial equity in their CQI and evaluation activities. The discussion also highlights specific jurisdictional examples that will help participants walk away with concrete ideas for steps they may take in their own CQI and evaluation work. 

Use this video with the CWVE 2021 Discussion Guide, which provides information and activities for each topic, including a description of the topic, reflection questions tailored to the topic, and team activities for child welfare staff and collaborative partners. 

Presenters :

  • Carla Carpenter, Continuous Quality Improvement and Data Manager, Capacity Building Center for States
  • Yolanda Green-Roger, Senior Policy Analyst, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. Bridget Freisthler, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Ohio State University College of Social Work
  • Dr. Elinam Dellor, Senior Researcher, Ohio State University College of Social Work

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