The Tribal Information Exchange (TIE) is the heart of the Center’s universal service area, which focuses on creating and compiling resources that make the work of Tribal child welfare professionals easier. On the TIE, you will find not only the resources and webinars from our Center, but also dozens of tools from Tribes and hundreds of relevant resources from a variety of sources in a searchable Resource Library.

Tools from Tribes

Tools from Tribes

Tools from Tribes is a space for Tribal child welfare professionals to easily share with their peers commonly used forms, agreements, tools, and templates.

Resource Library

Resource Library Center for Tribes

Use the library to quickly find what you're looking for! You can use keywords to search over 400 resources included in the library, or filter results to search only the products developed by the Capacity Building Center for Tribes. 

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The Center offers an array of services, such as products and tools, peer networking activities, and individualized expert consultation. Services are available at no cost to assist Tribal organizations with improving child welfare practice and performance within several key areas.

  • Strengthening Families
  • Data
  • Healing and Wellness
  • ICWA
  • Partnerships
  • Professional Development
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Prevention Systems and Organizations
  • Title IV-E and Title IV-B
  • We’d love to send you product release updates and share relevant information with you.

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  • The CWVE is an annual one-day event that brings together child welfare professionals from federal, state, and local organizations across the country to engage in online activities, discussions, and skill building activities that provide information, explore strategies, and offer innovative ideas and action steps to support child welfare agencies.

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