Co-Creating Equitable Child Welfare Policies and Practice 

Discover strategies for co-creating and sharing power with youth and families in child welfare.

Publication year: 2021
Capacity Building Center for States

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Working in authentic partnership with youth and families, particularly those disproportionately impacted by child welfare, provides an opportunity for transformational change within child welfare. This video features a series of discussions that explore effective strategies for centering youth and family voice, experience, and expertise in the work of child welfare.  

Use this video with the CWVE 2021 Discussion Guide, which provides information and activities for each topic, including a description of the topic, reflection questions tailored to the topic, and team activities for child welfare staff and collaborative partners.  


  • Robert “Tony” Parsons, Capacity Building Center for States
  • April Allen, Founder, Spark Learning for Organizations
  • Aubrey Edwards-Luce, First Focus on Children

Resource List: Co-Creating Equitable Child Welfare Policies and Practice 

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