Telling Our Story: Partnering With the Center for States

Take a glimpse into how jurisdictions are partnering with the Center for States to build capacity and improve outcomes for children, youth, and families.

The Center for States offers a number of different capacity building opportunities for states and jurisdictions, including direct support through tailored services, peer groups, and on-demand learning experiences and products. Are you wondering how other states are approaching their work—or what mix of services might be right for you? Take a look at stories shared by jurisdictions about how they are tackling complex problems in partnership with the Center for States. After exploring the stories and associated resources, consider reaching out to the state directly or to your Liaison to learn more.

More stories coming soon!

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Learn About the Collaborative’s Capacity Building Approach

Capacity building is an ongoing, evidence-informed process that helps create a productive and effective child welfare system to better serve all children, youth, and families. 

Read the following publications to learn more about capacity building at the Center for States and the Collaborative:

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