Supports public child welfare agencies in effectively initiating and sustaining change and innovation.

Collaborates with American Indian and Alaska Native Nations to help strengthen Tribal child and family systems and services.

Engages Court Improvement Programs (CIPs) in system improvement work that partners with child welfare agencies to best serve children and families.

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Organized by state within the 10 federal regions, each Liaison serves as a single point of contact for all capacity building activities within their Center. Use the map to find the contact information for your State liaison.

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The Collaborative is designed to help public child welfare agencies, Tribes, and courts enhance and mobilize the human and organizational assets necessary to meet federal standards and requirements; improve child welfare practice and administration; and achieve safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes for children, youth, and families. Learn about how we build capacity.

Approach to Capacity Building

First page of Approach to Capacity Building

Learn about the complex adaptive systems incorporated into the Collaborative's approach to capacity building. 

Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative [Overview Factsheet]

Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative [Overview Factsheet]

Learn about the Child Welfare Capacity Building Collaborative, its history, the purpose of capacity building, the three Centers it comprises, and the services it provides.

Capacity Building Collaborative Video

Capacity Building Collaborative Video

Learn about the Collaborative and the work it does with agencies, Tribes, and courts to build capacity.