CWVE 2021 Session 2B: Exploring the Use of Data to Tell Stories of Inequities 

Learn how to effectively present data in digestible and actionable ways that lead to real change.

Publication year: 2021
Capacity Building Center for States

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​In this video, presenters discuss how they have harnessed the power of data to improve outcomes in their communities. They also explore techniques for meaningfully including youth, young adults, family members, caregivers, and other individuals with lived experience in data analysis and data-driven decision-making processes.

Use this video with the CWVE 2021 Discussion Guide, which provides information and activities for each topic, including a description of the topic, reflection questions tailored to the topic, and team activities for child welfare staff and collaborative partners. 


  • ​Tecoria Jones, Family Consultant, Capacity Building Center for States
  • Haley Eakin, Young Adult Consultant, Capacity Building Center for States
  • Devon Gilchrist, African-American Child Wellbeing Unit Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Safety and Permanency Division
  • Kate McElroy-Hjelm, Lead Data Analyst, Capacity Building Center for States

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