CWVE 2021 Session 2A: “We See It, We Know It, and Now We Must Do Something About It”: Working Together to Reduce Inequity

Discover how data sharing can improve the child welfare court system.

Publication year: 2021
Capacity Building Center for States

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​In the U.S. justice system, inequities are especially prevalent for members of minority groups, particularly Black and American Indian and Alaska Native people. In this video, presenters explore specific strategies for data sharing and collaboration to implement innovative interventions that can improve the child welfare court system. 

Use this video with the CWVE 2021 Discussion Guide, which provides information and activities for each topic, including a description of the topic, reflection questions tailored to the topic, and team activities for child welfare staff and collaborative partners. 


  • Cody Lidge, Court Improvement Program Director, Children’s Law Center at the University of South Carolina School of Law
  • Dr. Alicia Summers, Director of Research, Capacity Building Center for Courts
  • Judge Sheldon, Director of the Tribal-State Justice Partnerships, National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges

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