Building Capacity to Address Common Challenges

Use this tool with your prevention planning team to prepare for and tackle the adaptive challenges that many states face as they develop and implement prevention plans. 

Publication year: 2021
Capacity Building Center for States


Bring your prevention planning team together to explore common adaptive challenges, identify opportunities to build capacity, set priorities, and check progress as you move your prevention plan into action. This planning tool includes three distinct sections and a series of checklists to help teams proactively determine priority next steps in building their capacity to address adaptive challenges common in prevention planning and implementation. 

Checklists, organized around five dimensions of capacity, can be used by your team to identify and prioritize potential areas for capacity building as you are: 

  • Getting ready for prevention planning 
  • Engaging partners in prevention 
  • Communicating about prevention 
  • Advancing equity through prevention 
  • Sustaining prevention 

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