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Prevention Planning Into Action

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Use this collection of resources to support your agency’s prevention planning efforts.

Bringing Your Prevention Plan to Life

Prevention Planning Into Action is designed to provide agency leaders, managers, and partners engaged in prevention planning the tools and resources they need to move their prevention plans forward. Use these resources to:

  • Prepare for and tackle common adaptive challenges associated with the development and implementation of prevention plans
  • Consider collaborative, data-driven, and equity-centered approaches to planning and delivering prevention services 
  • Listen to peers share lessons learned and successful strategies in prevention planning
  • Spark discussions around what your team can do to develop a bold and actionable prevention plan

How Can We Engage in a Prevention Planning Process That Will Set Us up for Success?

Listen in as child welfare leaders from Kentucky, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Washington engage in a Prevention Planning Roundtable conversation about their experiences with developing and implementing prevention plans. In six video excerpts, the participants share lessons learned, tips, key strategies, and advice for other states engaged in prevention planning and implementation.
Bring your team together to use the Building Capacity to Address Common Challenges planning tool as you plan for and tackle common adaptive challenges in prevention planning and implementation. This publication includes tips for success, planning checklists, and a blank table for priority setting.

Where Can We Find Relevant Resources to Help Us in Our Current Phase of Prevention Planning?

Explore the Prevention Planning Into Action resource list to find publications, recorded webinars, and other tools to meet your specific needs. The list is organized by planning process phases and key topic areas to make it easy to find what is most helpful to your team right now.

Each section of the list includes links to relevant Change and Implementation in Practice topic pages, as well as a Change and Implementation Prevention Planning Crosswalk to help you and your team consider your prevention efforts through a Change and Implementation lens.

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