Dimension: Organizational Knowledge and Skills

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Organizational knowledge and skills consist of the essential expertise and competencies needed to perform child welfare work. Think of this as the agency’s “know-how.” For a frontline worker, this includes understanding and application of effective child welfare practice, decision-making, case management, and cultural competence. For managers and administrators, it also includes knowledge and skills related to leadership, management, critical analysis, policy making, workforce development, and change management.

Subdimensions of Organizational Knowledge and Skills

Learn more about the subdimensions of organizational knowledge and skills.

  • Child welfare practice
  • Analytics and evaluation
  • Leadership and management
  • Policymaking and administration
  • Workforce development and supervision
  • Cultural competence and humility
  • Change management and implementation

Publications and Resources

Access publications and resources that support child welfare agencies in examining and strengthening organizational knowledge and skills.