Dimension: Organizational Infrastructure

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Organizational infrastructure consists of the systems, protocols, and processes that give structure to the organization, support its key functions, and embed routine practice. For a child welfare agency, infrastructure includes the policies and operating procedures that guide practice and build a shared understanding of how to deliver child welfare services. Infrastructure also includes an agency’s systems for operations—from human resources, training, supervision, and ongoing communication systems to data, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement (CQI) systems.

Subdimensions of Organizational Infrastructure

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  • Governance and decision-making structures
  • Administrative structures
  • Policies, operating procedures, and protocols
  • Human resources, recruitment, and staff selection
  • Training system
  • Supervisory and coaching system
  • Service array and service delivery system
  • Information system and data supports
  • Evaluation, quality assurance, and continuous quality improvement systems
  • Communication systems (internal)
  • Communication systems (external)

Publications and Resources

Access publications and resources that support child welfare agencies in examining and strengthening organizational infrastructure within selected subdimensions.