Dimension: Organizational Engagement and Partnership

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Organizational engagement and partnership consist of collaborative relationships within the agency and with external partners, families, youth, and community and cultural groups to support service integration and inform improved practices. Productive relationships involve building trust, seeking feedback, and actively collaborating toward shared objectives. While organizational engagement and partnership often require structures to facilitate collaboration (e.g., interagency agreements), the structures are part of organizational infrastructure. This dimension features the resulting relationship and collaboration between the partners. 

Engagement and partnerships may take different forms. At the most basic level, the agency seeks input and feedback from stakeholder groups. At a more advanced level, the agency forges meaningful partnerships reflected in ongoing communication and coordinated efforts toward shared goals.

Subdimensions of Organizational Engagement and Partnership 

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  • Internal organizational relationships and collaboration
  • External organizational relationships and collaboration
  • Family and youth engagement, participation, and buy-in
  • Community and cultural group engagement, participation, and buy-in

Publications and Resources

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