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Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation Video Series

Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation Archived Webinar

The Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation archived webinar provides an overview of how child welfare agencies can research and select an effective intervention to address the root cause of a problem or identified need. The companion guide contains activities designed to help agency teams explore how they might use the strategies presented in the recorded webinar to select, design, and adapt an intervention and plan next steps.

Deciding What to Implement to Achieve Successful Change

Summarizes the process of choosing an intervention for a child welfare change and implementation process. This webinar provides an overview of how an agency might facilitate the process of researching and comparing potential solutions, designing a new intervention, or adapting an existing intervention to suit agency conditions and includes stories from the field on what choosing an intervention looks like in practice.

Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation discussion and activity guide

Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation Videos

These Intervention Selection videos can help you gain a deeper understanding of how to choose an intervention to address an identified problem or need as part of the change and implementation process. As you watch, record your ideas and questions in the related workbook to help you apply what you are learning to your own practice.

Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation Resources Video Workbook 

Video 1: Research Possible Intervention Options

Examines why teams should research possible intervention options, how to look for a wide variety of potential options, and what supporting evidence to look for in researching possible solutions.

Video 2: Assess Evidence, Fit, and Feasibility of Possible Interventions

Explores how teams can assess an intervention to understand the potential for success with the target population; the fit with the system, agency, and context; and the capacity needed to implement it.

Video 3: Determine Whether Interventions Are Well Defined (Useable and Transferrable)

Presents how teams can determine whether there is sufficient information about an intervention to be clear and easy to explain, useable (intervention has operational definitions and fidelity process or performance assessments), and in alignment with agency principles and values.

Video 4: Decide to Replicate or Adapt an Existing Intervention or Design a New One

Examines how teams can use a structured approach to determine if an existing intervention with adaptations meets agency needs or if teams need to design a new one.

Video 5: Define the Intervention

Describes how teams define the intervention by stating the purpose, goals, and guiding principles; identifying core components and how they align; and then further operationalizing after getting proposal approval.

Video 6: Develop a Proposal

Presents how to develop a proposal by clearly explaining the intervention to establish a common understanding among stakeholders, and to support communication and decision-making.

Video 7A: Operationalize Core Components

Explores how teams can operationalize core components to ensure the intervention meets key criteria, is based on research evidence, and has enough information for teams to carry it out in practice and to measure the results.

Video 7B: Adapt or Develop Practice Profiles

Reviews the final tasks of adapting or developing practice profiles to describe the everyday practice of an intervention, support training and coaching to a desired practice, and help measure fidelity and performance outcomes.