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Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation

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Improving child welfare outcomes requires effective solutions that address agencies' specific problems. For teams leading a change process, deciding what to implement is a crucial step in achieving their goals.

Child welfare agency leaders, managers, implementation teams, continuous quality improvement teams, and other stakeholders can use the resources below to learn how to:

  • Research evidence-supported interventions (practices or techniques, multipart programs, policy changes, or a combination of these) to find the right one to achieve the desired change
  • Assess the fit and feasibility of a potential intervention
  • Adapt programs and practices to match their agency setting and the population who will receive services
  • Design a well-defined intervention

Access Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation Resources

Need Detailed Information?

Read the Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation brief to gain an understanding of the key concepts and steps involved in selecting, adapting, and designing a child welfare intervention that can achieve desired outcomes.

Interested in a High-Level Overview?

Read Change and Implementation at a Glance: Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation to explore key tasks and discover how to get the most out of intervention selection and design/adaptation through an intentional focus on racial equity and integration of lived expertise.

Looking to Apply What You've Learned?

Watch the Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation videos for an overview of key activities, including researching possible solutions, assessing fit and feasibility, and deciding on and defining the intervention. Use the integrated Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation video workbook as you watch the videos to record your questions and ideas, which you can then apply to a change initiative at your agency.

Access the “Deciding What to Implement to Achieve Successful Change” archived webinar to find out about lessons learned in choosing an intervention for a child welfare change process. Use the accompanying Intervention Selection and Design/Adaptation discussion and activity guide to support knowledge and skill development, group discussion, and targeted action planning.