Shifting to a Family-Focused Organizational Culture: Episode 4

Explore part 4 of the series and infographic to learn about collaborating to build a fully supportive system to meets the needs of families in their communities.

Publication year: 2020
Capacity Building Center for States
Transcript (PDF, 378.9KB)


Explores a family-focused program that embodies many of the changes that Kentucky wants to see throughout its child welfare system. Episode 4 describe Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams, or START, a program that demonstrates a shift in organizational culture to focus on family and serves as an example of a truly collaborative team that uses early intervention and a shared decision-making model to work with families. The program gets positive outcomes for families, the results are supported by data, and the positive changes in organizational culture spread outwards to influence the larger system. Program managers can use the podcast series and accompanying Building Our Child Welfare System Together Infographic to spark conversations with staff and stakeholders about working collaboratively to build a supportive system that meets the full spectrum of needs of families in their communities.

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