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How We Partner With the Community to Improve Service Options Podcast Series

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Presents stories from the field that illustrate how agencies are changing organizational culture to support collaborative development of a service array that is more responsive to families and youth. Program managers can use this podcast series to spark conversations with staff and stakeholders about working collaboratively to build a supportive system that meets the full spectrum of needs of families in their communities.

Listen to these podcast episodes at your desk or on the go to hear child welfare leaders, staff, and stakeholders talk about the challenges agencies, community partners, and families face, strategies they are using to transform their culture, and draw inspiration from their successes.

Framework for Change and the Leadership Role: Episode 1

In this introduction to the podcast series How We Partner With the Community to Improve Service Options, agency leaders talk about the changing culture of their organizations. Leaders from Kentucky discuss their Child Welfare Transformation initiative, three transformational goals, and culture of safety.

Starting and Sustaining Collaborative Partnerships: Episode 2

In this episode leaders from the District of Columbia child welfare agency and a community collaborative organization discuss their longstanding partnership. The commissioner for Kentucky's child welfare agency describes the agency’s strategic communication plan and considers the role of the agency as part of the larger child welfare system.

Including Family, Youth, and Community Voice at the System Level: Episode 3

Explore the efforts agencies, community collaborative organizations, and others are making to bring families, youth, and communities to the table as they strive to improve the child welfare system in this podcast. 

Shifting to a Family-Focused Organizational Culture: Episode 4

Explore a family-focused program that embodies many of the changes that Kentucky wants to see throughout its child welfare system in this podcast. The START, program demonstrates a shift in organizational culture to focus on family and serves as an example of a truly collaborative team that uses early intervention and a shared decision-making model to work with families.

Data Sharing for Planning and Decision-Making: Episode 5

Listen to child welfare agency leaders in the District of Columbia talk about how they work with partners to use their different data lenses to understand the needs of families and to structure a set of services to best meet the full spectrum of needs. In Kentucky, child welfare agency leaders describe the process of finding the story behind the numbers to transform their system.

Coordinating Prevention Services in the Community: Episode 6

Listen to child welfare agency leaders in the District of Columbia, service providers, partners in community collaboratives, and sister agencies talk about how they coordinate service planning and delivery, are culturally responsive to the community, and provide seamless services to families.

Collaborating to Create Family-Focused Courts: Episode 7

Listen to a judge and a child welfare agency leader discuss the challenges, achievements, and strategies of the Tompkins County Family Treatment Court. This longstanding collaboration between the child welfare, substance use treatment, and judicial systems has been steadily growing its Family Treatment Court Team and improving outcomes for families since 2001.

Use the Building Our Child Welfare System Together Infographic to see themes and key takeaways from the podcast series. Teams and individuals can reference the infographic as they listen to the podcast series to identify strategies and considerations.

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