Episode 4: Partnering With Parents for System Change

Hear a father and an agency administrator talk about what needs to be in place to make family engagement easier.

Publication year: 2023
Capacity Building Center for States
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Learn about the actions and attitudes that make parents feel comfortable to sit at the table, contribute, and feel respected and how that engagement can really change a parent’s life. In Episode 4, co-host Jamie Brooks has a conversation about authentic engagement of parents with Mark Rolon, one of New Hampshire’s family leaders in child welfare, and Geraldo Pilarski, the administrator of New Hampshire’s Parent Partner Program. Share and discuss this episode with others to explore how authentic engagement of people with lived experience can benefit parents, agencies, and improve outcomes for families, children, and youth.

The Center for States offers services and supports to state and territorial public child welfare agencies and their partners to help keep children, youth, and families safe and thriving. You can learn more about the Center’s services and find information to connect with your state Liaison on the Center’s website.

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