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How Does Simulation Support Workforce Development?

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Explore the types of simulation training available, the benefits, costs, and other considerations, when setting up a simulation training program.

Practice Improvement

Simulation provides a safe space for workers to practice, make mistakes, and improve their skills before working directly with families.

Simulation supports workforce development by:

  • Offering a hands-on process for putting policy guidance and procedures into practice
  • Modeling family engagement
  • Sharpening investigation skills
  • Allowing learners to recognize personal triggers and work through emotional responses
  • Creating opportunities to engage with and receive feedback from judges, doctors, and other system partners
  • Encouraging reflection on areas for development
  • Building worker confidence and preparedness
  • Watch “The Benefits” and hear more about how simulation supports child welfare workers and improves practice.

Links to Worker Retention

Evaluation data suggest that simulation training and the resulting increases in worker confidence may contribute to workers’ decisions to remain in their jobs. Listen to an evaluator from the Children and Family Research Center talk about evaluation findings from Illinois DCFS simulation training.


Simulation Training: The Benefits

“By being able to have these conversations, the workforce has developed the most important thing to have when you walk into a house–confidence.”  – Deputy Director, Illinois DCFS


Simulation Training: Evaluation Findings

"The sim trained investigators felt more prepared to do their jobs and were less likely to consider leaving their jobs." – Evaluator, Children & Family Research Center

Is Simulation the Right Choice for Your Agency?

Read Keeping It Real: How Simulation Can Support the Child Welfare Workforce to learn more about onsite and virtual simulation, related benefits, costs, and considerations.

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