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Keeping It Real: Simulation Training in Child Welfare

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Get firsthand accounts of simulation experiences, including benefits and lessons learned, presented by those familiar with simulation training in Illinois.

Simulation training recreates real-life conditions to prepare child welfare workers and students for interactions with families and critical partners in child welfare work.

Explore the videos on this site for firsthand accounts of simulation experiences, its benefits, and key considerations based on lessons learned. The videos present perspectives from program developers, trainers, participants, agency leaders, and other individuals familiar with simulation training in Illinois.

Consult the series publications for more detailed information and tips on simulation training:


This site features videos and interviews with representatives from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, the Child Protection Training Academy at the University of Illinois at Springfield, the Children and Family Research Center, and simulation training actors and community professionals. (Find out more about the Illinois simulation training program and its evaluation.

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