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Capacity Building


Recruit, Retain, and Support: Strategies for Strengthening the Child Welfare Workforce: Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE) 2023

Explore strategies to address recruitment and retention challenges in child welfare by rebuilding a workforce that reflects the diverse communities that agencies serve. 

Explore strategies to address recruitment and retention challenges in the child welfare ecosystem. Transforming that workforce requires a focus on people with lived experience and those who reflect the diversity of the communities that agencies serve.

Pair the CWVE videos with the related discussion guide to learn about: 

  • Using human resources data to address workforce turnover
  • Integrating and retaining people with lived experience
  • Implementing strategies to advance worker of color into leadership
  • Customizing advertising platforms to engage candidates

Ready to Get Started?

Select the topics that interest you and your team and watch the videos. Choose all five sections or select just a few. Then, access the additional resources and answer the reflection exercises in the discussion guide to prepare your team for group learning. Finally, come together as a group and use the discussion prompts and activities to spark conversations, create a shared understanding of how these topics relate to your everyday work, and develop action plans to present to leadership. 

CWVE 2023 Discussion Guide

The guide includes: 

  • Descriptions of the videos
  • Individual reflection exercises tailored to each topic
  • Additional resources to support learning
  • Team discussion prompts to spark conversations
  • Team activities to brainstorm how to put these ideas into action

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