A Data-Driven Approach to Service Array

A Data-Driven Approach to Service Array Guide (updated 2019) and the Service Array Data Inventory Sample Worksheet (updated 2019) are designed to support states and other jurisdictions in using data to assess and improve their service array. The guide and worksheet offer step-by-step guidance to help child welfare agency staff—including continuous quality improvement managers, data managers, program managers, and others—build capacity to work collaboratively with stakeholders to use data to ensure the availability, accessibility, and effectiveness of services to meet the needs of the children and families being served.

  • A Data-Driven Approach to Service Array Guide (Updated 2019)  provides an overview of the process for conducting a data-driven service array assessment, including establishing the focus of the assessment and key questions it will address, convening a service array workgroup and engaging stakeholders, and collecting and analyzing relevant data. Several real-life examples from state agencies are included to provide readers with examples of how some states are tackling this challenge.
  • The Service Array Data Inventory Sample Worksheet (Updated 2019)  serves as a companion to A Data-Driven Approach to Service Array Guide. It contains examples of basic questions specific to various service or program areas to help guide the service array assessment process. If a jurisdiction has an existing methodology to collect and organize this kind of information, child welfare agency staff can integrate the tool's sample questions into the existing process and use them to initiate conversation among service array assessment teams.