Implementation Planning and Capacity Building Webinar

Provides an overview of how to engage stakeholders and team members in planning and preparing to implement an intervention. This webinar includes examples from the field about anticipating and overcoming challenges in implementing new interventions.

Publication year: 2019
Capacity Building Center for States

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Examines how child welfare agencies can develop an intervention implementation plan that serves as a roadmap for the implementation team and a communication tool among team members, leadership, and stakeholders. A well-defined plan identifies needs and anticipates challenges to implementation, supports decision-making, and contributes to quality implementation. As a team develops an implementation plan, creating an inventory of strengths and gaps helps to identify where the team can build capacity to support effective implementation. This series of 11 videos examines implementation planning by considering essential functions, or tasks, to prepare for implementing an intervention, plan for capacity building, and develop an implementation plan.

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