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Family Court

Hear what happens when a family court uses a compassionate and strength-based approach to supporting families and learn about how different people experience this approach including: court interdisciplinary teams, parents, agency and CASA workers, judges, lawyers, child and parent advocates, and peer mentors.

Find family court stories that best meet your needs by selecting filters on the left and use them with activities from the discussion guide to build understanding and connections between people as you advocate, inspire, support, recruit, train, and coach individuals and teams.

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Tells the story of the relationship, initially forged over a shared meal, between a youth and her CASA worker. The CASA worker’s advocacy for concrete supports to meet the youth’s needs helped grow the trust in their relationship.


See how listening and relatability helped build trust between a youth and his attorney.


Explore the supportive relationship between a youth and her attorney.


This video tells the story of how a family court judge in Hancock County, Mississippi, works with families and stakeholders to support reunification through a trauma-informed, family-centered approach.


Addresses the importance of being open to agency supports and the necessity of self-care in working through family transitions.