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Capacity Building


Inventory of Innovations

Find ways to build capacity for and apply innovations from the private sector to address challenges in the child welfare field.

This series addresses the need for current information about innovations in child welfare that present possible solutions to the challenges faced by state and jurisdictional agencies. In addition, the series suggests ways for child welfare agencies to build capacity for innovation and describes how to apply innovations from the private sector to address challenges in the child welfare field.

  • Capacity Building for Innovation in Child Welfare explores the best ways to innovate in child welfare in five areas of capacity building: (1) resources; (2) infrastructure; (3) knowledge and skills; (4) culture and climate; and (5) engagement and partnership. The brief also discusses possible challenges to innovation and potential solutions.
  • Inventory of Innovations: Software and Technology explores ways to use recent developments in software and technology in child welfare to potentially save costs while allowing workers to provide better, more integrated services.
  • Inventory of Innovations: Data and Child Welfare explores new approaches to using data in the child welfare system to enhance service provision and improve outcomes for children and families.
  • Inventory of Innovations: Workforce Development explores innovative programs and solutions to workforce-related challenges in child welfare, including workforce recruitment, job satisfaction, and retention

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