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Capacity Building


Parent Partner Program Navigator

Learn how to design, implement, and enhance a parent partner program as a strategy for engaging families through peer mentoring and support.

Are You Interested in Developing or Enhancing a Parent Partner Program Within Your Agency?

Child welfare agencies are turning to parent partner programs as a powerful approach to family engagement and empowerment. Through these programs, parents with experience in child welfare provide mentoring and support to other parents who are entering the system.

Consult the Navigator and learn to apply four domains of program development:

  • Assessing needs, readiness, and capacity
  • Program design
  • Program management
  • Engagement and partnerships

The Navigator supports child welfare administrators, staff, and family leaders through essential steps of planning and implementing successful parent partner programs.

Parent Partner Program Navigator: Designing and Implementing Parent Partner Programs in Child Welfare

Parent Partner Program Navigator. Designing and Implementing Parent Partner Programs in Child Welfare

Do You Need a Program Manual to Support Ongoing Operations?

Use a template, guiding considerations, and sample language to develop a program manual for your agency’s parent partner program. This resource complements the Navigator and is intended to support daily operations once a parent partner program is established.

Parent Partner Program Manual: Sample Policies and Procedures

Parent Partner Program Manual: Sample Policies and Procedures

A User’s Guide to the Parent Partner Program Navigator

Read this overview to better understand how you can use the Parent Partner Program Navigator resources.

Access the Guide

Parent Partner Program Readiness Assessment Tool

Identify what’s already in place and what additional capacity is needed to support parent partners in your agency. This tool is part of the Navigator’s first domain and an important starting point for a new program.

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