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Strategic Planning in Child Welfare

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Explore guidance and tools to support coordinated strategic and long-term planning.

These resources can help identify opportunities for coordination between the Child and Family Services Plan/Annual Progress and Services Report (CFSP/APSR) and Child and Family Services Review Program Improvement Plan (CFSR PIP) processes and internal agency continuous quality improvement (CQI) work.

They also provide practical guidance related to CFSP development, including the meaningful involvement of stakeholders.

The graphic shows the child welfare federal cycle of planning, monitoring, and reporting

The graphic above shows the child welfare federal cycle of planning, monitoring, and reporting.  By working to align goals and implementation activities throughout this cycle, agencies will be better equipped to meet federal requirements and achieve positive outcomes for children, youth, and families. To learn more about strategies to integrate the processes shown in this graphic, check out the Center’s Strategic Planning in Child Welfare briefs and additional resources below.

Strategic Planning in Child Welfare: Integrating Efforts for Systems Improvements will help you find the useful connections among the CFSP, CFSR, and APSR, saving you time and resources and helping align agency goals and planning efforts.

Strategic Planning in Child Welfare: Strategies for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement will provide tips and strategies for engaging stakeholders in strategic planning and other agency processes.

Come Together: Partnering With Stakeholders for Better Strategic Planning (CBX Article) shares strategies for ways to engage stakeholders in child welfare agency strategic planning, program improvement, and reporting activities.

Watch the following webinars to learn more about coordinating and engaging stakeholders in agency strategic planning:


Additional Resources

To assist child welfare leaders, managers, and administrators engaged in strategic and long-term planning, monitoring, and reporting activities, the Center identified additional resources to complement the Strategic Planning in Child Welfare publications. (Reference to any specific process or approach does not constitute its endorsement by the Children’s Bureau.) Select one of the questions below to access the resources that best fit your needs.

Discover Strategies for Engaging Families and Youth

For even more strategies and tips on incorporating family and youth voice in agency planning and other improvement efforts, check out the following tip sheet (with family engagement matrix tool):

Strategies for Authentic Integration of Family and Youth Voice in Child Welfare

Explore Stakeholder Collaboration

To learn how child welfare agencies, legal and judicial stakeholders, prevention partners, and communities can work together to build prevention-focused systems, view the following webinar:

State Team Planning National Meeting Archived Webinar

Resources for Implementing Change

States and jurisdictions planning to implement a change to address CFSR results or as part of strategic planning can explore the Center's Change and Implementation in Practice series.

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