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Capacity Building


Teaming Video Series

These Teaming videos can help you gain a deeper understanding of the process of building effective teams and teaming structures for the change and implementation process. As you watch, record your ideas and questions in the related workbook to help you apply what you are learning to your own practice.

Teaming Workbook

Teaming Archived Webinar

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Teaming Workbook (PDF - 174 KB)

Designing and Sustaining Teams to Support Change Efforts

Summarizes the process of creating teams and teaming structures for a child welfare change and implementation process. This webinar includes an example of how an agency might facilitate the process of teaming to accomplish change, as well as stories from the field on what teaming looks like in practice.

Discussion Guide

Teaming Video Series

Video 1: Identify the Team’s Purpose

Explores the first task of team building: identifying the team’s purpose by developing mission goals and objectives. This module helps the team write a mission statement as part of a change and implementation process at a child welfare agency.

Video 2: Identify Prospective Team Members and Create a Teaming Structure

Examines the second task of team building: identifying team members to ensure diverse representation across all levels and positions within the organization. This module also provides information on how to define the team structure to clarify roles and responsibilities and encourage collaboration among team members.

Video 3: Develop the Team Charter

Presents the third task of team building: developing the team’s charter to set a foundation for teamwork by clarifying how the team will operate, divide responsibilities, and share in decision-making.

Video 4: Develop a Team Communication Plan and External Communication Strategy

Introduces the fourth task of team building: developing a team communication plan and external communication strategy. This module helps teams clarify protocols for the flow and methods of communication and to define roles and responsibilities in the communication structure.

Video 5: Work Together to Guide the Implementation Process

Explores the fifth task of team building: guiding the change process by creating a detailed, comprehensive work plan based on the team charter that organizes the work through each step of the change and implementation process.

Video 6: Debrief, Evaluate, and Identify Next Steps

Presents the sixth and final task of team building: debriefing, evaluating, and identifying the next steps to assess completion and determine how the team will sustain the intervention. As explained in this module, at this point teams also determine whether they need to continue with their work or whether another team needs to be convened.