Readiness Webinar Discussion and Activity Guide

As you watch the videos to record your questions and ideas, which you can then apply to assessing readiness for a change initiative at your agency.

Publication year: 2018
Capacity Building Center for States


This guide and recorded webinar are part of a collection of resources designed to help child welfare agency leaders, managers, and stakeholders assess agency readiness to put new programs and practices into place. Gather your staff to watch the “Motivation and Capacity: Factors that Influence Organizational Readiness” webinar to learn about using a structured approach to understand organizational readiness, determine the best way to assess it, and identify and overcome barriers to assessment. Then, use this guide to facilitate discussions and lead your team to move learning into action.

Suggested Citation

Capacity Building Center for States (2019). Readiness Webinar Discussion and Activity Guide. Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

This material may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, when doing so, please credit Capacity Building Center for Tribes.

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