Community-Based Provider: Empowering Caregiver Decision-Making

Shares Stephen’s story about being a community-based provider and policymaker in Florida, the need for laws that empower caregiver decision-making, creating Florida’s reasonable and prudent parent standard (RPPS), and the effect RPPS and normalcy laws can have on foster care.

Publication year: 2016
Capacity Building Center for States

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Stephen is the president and CEO of Partnership for Strong Families, which provides foster care and adoption services in 13 counties in North Central Florida. Stephen is also an attorney who has worked in the field of family law. He has worked on legislation to implement normalcy for children and youth in out-of-home care, and helps guide it in practice through his current work with caregiver families.

Questions to Promote Discussion

  • What do systems need to do to comply with the RPPS?
  • What things struck you about the way Florida implemented the RPPS?
  • What activities would children and youth want to attend, taking into consideration age, how responsible the children are, and their maturity level?
  • In training both staff and resource families, what important things do they need to know to promote healthy development and normalcy?
  • What liability issues might be raised in the implementation of the RPPS?

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Empowering Caregiver Decision-Making

About Normalcy and the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard

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