Mapping Change and Implementation to CCWIS Projects

Use this resource to prompt discussion and adopt a change management approach  during the development of child welfare information systems.

Publication year: 2023
Capacity Building Center for States and the Children's Bureau's Division of State Systems (DSS)


Through thoughtful design, development, and implementation, child welfare information technology systems, such as Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS), can help agencies streamline data collection and entry, provide more real-time access to data, facilitate data analysis and interpretation, support data-informed decision-making, and help reinforce practice that centers the needs of the communities they serve.

As your agency works to build a more responsive data system, use this resource and follow a collaborative change and implementation process to explore and meet data needs, maintain program alignment, and avoid common roadblocks.

This tip sheet provides questions and conversation starters for CCWIS teams for eight change and implementation topics: problem exploration; teaming; theory of change; intervention selection and design/adaptation; readiness; implementation planning and capacity building; intervention testing, piloting, and staging; monitoring, evaluating, and applying findings.

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