JCAMP Volume I: Measures

Implement Judicial, Court, and Attorney Measures of Performance (JCAMP) to help track, understand, and improve child welfare court practices.

Publication year: 2022
Capacity Building Center for Courts


JCAMP can help individuals (e.g., judges, attorneys, court administrators) and organizations (e.g., Court Improvement Programs, attorney organizations) collect data, track, and improve practice over time. The manageable set of measures can be adapted to site specific priorities, measurement goals, and differing data capacities. Volume I: Measures describes the JCAMP performance measures focusing on court and professional practice and family experience across five topical categories:

  • Family engagement
  • Due process
  • High-quality legal representation
  • Safety
  • Permanency

This publication is part of a set of resources designed to aid in understanding and implementing performance measures.

Suggested Citation

This report is in the public domain. Permission to reproduce is not necessary. Suggested citation: Summers, A., Gatowski, S., & Fromknecht, A. (2022). Judicial, Court, and Attorney Measures of Performance (JCAMP), Volume I: Measures.

Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.