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Youth Engagement

Discover stories about authentic youth engagement at the practice, peer support, and system-change levels. Hear youth and young adults describe how their voices were heard while in foster care and the supportive role of caseworkers, leaders, attorneys, and peer mentors. Youth explain how engagement and trusting relationships gave them the support and empowerment they needed during this critical developmental period.

Find youth engagement stories that best meet your needs by selecting filters on the left and use them with activities from the discussion guide to build understanding and connections between people as you advocate, inspire, support, recruit, train, and coach individuals and teams.

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Hear a foster and adoptive father of African American boys talk about fighting cultural biases to support his sons’ well-being.


Learn about how Jamall reunified with family members and enjoyed family cookouts and holidays with the help of Jennifer and the Family Finder program through Kinnect Ohio.


Addresses the importance of agency resources, such as caregiver support groups and specialized training, to equip caregivers to work successfully with children and youth who have severe therapeutic needs.


Highlights motivating factors for caregivers serving children with therapeutic needs, including the value of caregiver support networks, continuous training, and a commitment to strengthen families within the caregiver’s community.


Highlights the advocacy work of state and regional youth leadership councils.