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See how a trauma-informed, family-centered approach encourages reunification when parents are supported by wraparound services and trusting relationships with caregivers and others. Listen to parents, resource parents, youth, peer mentors, service providers and case workers talk about the relationships and resources that make reunification possible and ease the transition.

Find reunification stories that best meet your needs by selecting filters on the left and use them with activities from the discussion guide to build understanding and connections between people as you advocate, inspire, support, recruit, train, and coach individuals and teams.

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Learn about Dezzie’s experience bonding with her newborn while embracing parenting classes and other agency supports in her journey to be reunified with her daughter.


Learn about how Jamall reunified with family members and enjoyed family cookouts and holidays with the help of Jennifer and the Family Finder program through Kinnect Ohio.


Learn about Catherine’s journey recovering from trauma and addiction to be successfully reunified with her daughter.


This video highlights the story of a family specialist in Ohio and her experience working with families to successfully place children with kin.


This video highlights the story of a family specialist in Ohio who partners with families to identify safe and healthy kinship connections that empower children, youth, and families.