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Capacity Building


Service Array

Learn how the Center helps agencies build capacity so communities can provide accessible services and partner with stakeholders to assess service gaps.

The Center for States helps child welfare agencies build capacity to strengthen their community’s abilities to provide accessible services and effectively partner with key stakeholders to assess service gaps. An effective service array can help agencies provide timely, quality, individualized services that protect and nurture children. Capacity building strategies include providing support to jurisdictions in strengthening community-based programs and service arrays that are accessible in all areas of the jurisdiction and customizable to family and individual needs.

Becoming a Family-Focused System

Use this collection of resources to help enhance agency culture and climate, identify areas that need attention, and implement improvements.

Building Capacity to Address Chronic Neglect From a System's Perspective

Available on CapLEARN; registration required.
Learn about the complexity of chronic neglect and how to assess system change to meet the needs of children and youth.