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Capacity Building


Fostering Psychological Safety on Child Welfare Teams

Explore strategies to assess and build psychological safety on child welfare teams.

A safety culture that fosters the psychological safety of the child welfare workforce can improve practice and strengthen job satisfaction. Psychologically safe teams seek input from all members, promote a growth mindset in which learning (and making mistakes) is normalized and supported, and foster vulnerability, trust, and accountability. 

Use this collection of resources independently and with your team to learn concepts, assess current practice, and identify concrete strategies to increase the sense of psychological safety on your team.

Step 1: Build a Shared Understanding of Psychological Safety

Start by using the “Fostering Psychological Safety on Child Welfare Teams” overview publication to explore terms, concepts, and foundational information about psychological safety. Engage in the activities with your team as you explore strengths and opportunities for growth in your work together.

Step 2: Assess Your Team’s Psychological Safety

Use the “Assessment Tool: Fostering Psychological Safety on Child Welfare Teams” to explore strengths and areas for growth identified by members of your team. As a team, make a plan for concrete actions you can take to foster the conditions of psychological safety.

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