​​Reflecting on Racial Equity and the Child Welfare Workforce​

​​Watch this video to explore the connection between racial equity and child welfare practice.​

Publication year:     2023
Author:             Capacity Building Center for States

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Bring your team together to watch this brief video. Reflect individually, explore Capacity Building Center for States resources, and then use the discussion guide to facilitate a conversation. Work together to plan for the steps you can take to advance racial equity in practice.

The Center offers services and supports to state and territorial public child welfare agencies and their partners to help keep children, youth, and families safe and thriving. You can learn more about the Center’s services and find information to connect with your state liaison on the Center’s website. 

“Reflecting on Racial Equity and the Child Welfare Workforce” is narrated by Eric Warner. Eric (he/they) has deep child welfare expertise in topics such as varying placement settings, youth engagement, racial equity, and training and advanced facilitation. Eric’s personal connection as a former recipient of child welfare services allows him a unique perspective when engaging in system reform and change implementation activities with states and countries. After transitioning out of foster care, Eric began his higher education journey, eventually earning a B.A. in criminal justice. In addition to serving as a Lived Experience Engagement Specialist with the Center, Eric has experience working and consulting with the National Youth in Transition Database and the International Foster Care Alliance. Eric’s consultation and collaborative implementation work focuses on promoting resilience and self-determination, as well as establishing and maintaining services and standards for children, youth, and young adults in care.  

Visit the Racial Equity Reflection Videos series page to learn more.

Suggested Citation

Capacity Building Center for States. (2023). Reflecting on racial equity and the child welfare workforce. [Video]. Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

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