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Meet Our Staff

Capacity Building Center for Tribes staff work collaboratively across our four partnership agencies, the Tribal Law and Policy Institute, Butler Institute for Children and Families, University of Southern Maine, and Westat. Staff names and roles with the Center are listed in alphabetical order:

Maria Alidio
Administrative manager

Julie Atkins
Universal and constituency services project director

Adam Bowman
Database specialist

Brooke Breazeale
Project coordinator

Penthea Burns
Policy associate

Janet Ciarico
Continuous quality improvement lead

Anne Comstock
Administrative lead and codirector

Kathy Deserly
Programmatic lead and codirector

Elizabeth Deserly
Capacity building coordination specialist

Laura Dyer
Research analyst

Sue Ebersten
Universal and constituency services project manager

Karla Eisen
Continuous quality improvement and data systems project director

Marneena Evans
Research analyst

Crystal French
E-learning specialist

George Gabel
Senior advisor 

Suzanne Garcia
Tribal child welfare specialist

Megan Kauffman
Research associate

Kathryn Kulbicki
Geographic information specialist analyst

Robin Leake
Project coprincipal investigator

Nancy Lucero
Evaluation director

Dr. Art Martinez
Senior Advisor for Tribal Capacity Building Services

Jane Mettenburg
Senior data systems analyst

Cheryl Montoya
Data systems consultant

Vanessa Nittoli
Research assistant

Sid J. Schneider, Ph.D.
Technology specialist

Marshall Soloway
Director of technology

Sonja Ulrich
Collaborative Coordination Specialist

Joe Walker
Tailored and permanency projects manager