Capacity Building Collaborative logo


Image of an eagle surrounded by two ovals.  The outer oval contains the words integrity, humility, sovereignty, empowerment, strengths, family, community, spiritual, and trust.  The inner oval contains the words holistic, indigenous ways of knowing, trauma-informed, outcome focused, data driven, inclusion, and collaboration.


The outer ring in the oval depicts the values that guide our service delivery.

  • We respect the sovereignty of Tribes and recognize that sovereignty supports the empowerment and strengthening of Tribal communities and families.
  • We build trust across Tribal jurisdictions and with Tribal people to address the impact of historical traumas and ongoing oppression and marginalization.
  • We honor the value Native people place on spirituality, guiding us to be humble in our work and to acknowledge the spirit that resides in all and the Tribal ancestors who gave up so much.
  • We work with integrity as we strive to be of service to the Tribes with whom we work.

The inner ring in the oval highlights our knowledge and experience working with Tribal communities.

  • Our strengths are derived from indigenous knowledge and our extensive experience working with child welfare providers in Tribal communities.
  • Our indigenous worldview is based on the history, culture, and values of Tribes.
  • We are trauma-informed, honoring both the trauma stories passed down through generations of Native communities and the contemporary traumatic experiences of Native children, families, and communities.
  • We are dedicated to outreach, inclusion, and collaboration among Tribal people in designing and choosing interventions that are relevant, culturally aligned, and holistic.
  • We collaborate across Tribal, local, private agency, State, and Federal jurisdictions.
  • We focus on outcomes and data-driven methods to help Tribes improve decision-making in their efforts to improve the lives of children and families.