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Capacity Building


The Center for States helps child welfare agencies strengthen the ability of communities to support children and families so that children can remain at home. With a prevention focus, agencies can increase child safety and family well-being by strengthening families in their communities before problems occur or escalate.

To assist agencies with these goals, the Center for States offers publications and digital products that provide information about the prevention continuum (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and tips for strengthening it; learning experiences to increase knowledge related to best practices and skill development for providing prevention services; access to networking and peer-to-peer collaboration to share experiences and expertise about what works; and support in developing and implementing prevention plans that meet the requirements of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA).

Congregate Care in the Age of Family First

Use these resources to better understand the congregate care provisions of the FFPSA and what they might mean for your agency.

Becoming a Family-Focused System

Use this collection of resources to help enhance agency culture and climate, identify areas that need attention, and implement improvements.

Prevention Planning Into Action

Use this collection of resources to support your agency’s prevention planning efforts.

Quality Matters: Improving Caseworker Contacts With Children, Youth, and Families

Browse this suite of publications and learning tools to help build capacity for conducting quality contacts.

Visioning for Prevention: Protecting Children Through Strengthening Families

Browse a collection of publications and digital resources for the information and tools you need to move toward a more prevention-focused system.

A Look Inside Sharing Power in Child Welfare: A Podcast

Listen to this podcast series by and about people with lived experience in child welfare and about their partnerships with leaders within child welfare agencies.

Strengthening Families Through Prevention and Collaboration: Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE) 2020

Explore collaborative approaches to advance prevention presented by people with lived and professional child welfare expertise. Pair videos with the related discussion guide to prompt learning and reflection.