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Capacity Building


Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE) 2020

Explore collaborative approaches to advance prevention presented by people with lived and professional child welfare expertise.

Strengthening Families Through Prevention and Collaboration: Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2020

Take the next steps toward a prevention-oriented system

In today’s challenging environment and with the ongoing need to support children and families, providing opportunities for child welfare staff to learn about new strategies for building strong, prevention-focused child welfare systems is more important than ever. The presentations and resources below, which have been adapted from the 2020 Child Welfare Virtual Expo (CWVE), explore strategies for strengthening families, supporting implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA), and creating prevention-oriented child welfare systems that focus on keeping families together and improving the lives of children, youth, and families. Use the resources in this collection to dive into six key topics with your team:

  1. Becoming a prevention-focused system
  2. Collaborating with families for systems change
  3. Creating effective partnerships for primary prevention
  4. Developing and measuring comprehensive prevention frameworks
  5. Building a culture and climate that support a prevention-focused system
  6. Taking the first steps toward a more prevention-focused system

Ready to Get Started?

First, select the topics that align with your team’s goals and interests. Then, use the activities in the discussion guide to prepare individuals for group learning, facilitate team discussions, create a shared understanding of how these topics relate to everyday work, and develop action plans to move the work forward.

CWVE 2020 Discussion Guide

Use the questions and activities in this guide together with the videos below to learn information and strategies for collaboratively advancing prevention efforts. For each video, the guide includes:

  • Description of the video
  • Individual reflection questions tailored to the topic
  • Team activities for child welfare staff and collaborative partners to brainstorm ideas for action

Additional resources include:

  • Suggestions for using the discussion guide and videos together
  • An activity to connect learning to practice
  • An action planning worksheet

Looking for More Information?

Access the Exhibit Booth resources

Explore the Virtual Gallery resources

Watch the “Meet the Moment” video to learn more about the Children’s Bureau’s response to inequality in child welfare.

Interested in Earning Continuing Education Credits?

We are pleased to offer social work, clinical psychology, counseling, and marriage and family therapy continuing education units (CEUs) with this learning experience. A link to purchase CEUs is provided in the description of each individual session. *

*Note: The CEU sponsor, R. Cassidy Seminars, maintains responsibility for its CEU program. For more information on the licensing program and requirements, please visit the sponsor’s website.

Interested in Learning More About Past CWVE Topics?

Access archived sessions and materials from previous CWVEs:

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