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Capacity Building


Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2019

Explore the archived 2019 Child Welfare Virtual Expo to hear from experienced child welfare professionals at every level discuss effective policy and practice.

The 2019 Child Welfare Virtual Expo (Virtual Expo) has been transformed into a flexible, on-demand learning experience. Child welfare professionals from federal, state, and local organizations across the country discuss evidence-based policymaking and practice and their experiences evaluating the effectiveness of services and programs. They explore how to engage agency staff at all levels in understanding and applying data and findings to improve practice.
Managers can use the resources in this collection to help teams dive into five key topics:

  1. Effectiveness in Child Welfare
  2. How Do We Know What Works?
  3. Becoming a Workforce of Everyday Scientists
  4. The Power of Feedback
  5. Maximizing Our Collective Impact

Ready to Get Started?

First, select the topics and sessions that align with team goals and interests. Then, use the activities in the discussion guide to prepare individuals for group learning, facilitate team discussions, create a shared understanding of how these topics relate to everyday work, and develop action plans to move the work forward.

Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2019 Discussion Guide

Provides a one-page guide for each topic, including a description of the topic, session titles, additional groups that might benefit from the session(s), and questions tailored to the topic. The debrief questions will help the group identify themes and develop the group’s action plan using the tool included with the guide.

Key Topics

Looking for More Information?

Access the Exhibit Hall resources

Explore the Virtual Gallery resources

Interested in Earning Continuing Education Credits?

We are pleased to offer social work, clinical psychology, counseling, and marriage and family therapy continuing education units (CEUs) with this learning experience. A link to purchase CEUs is provided in the description of each individual session.*

*Note: The CEU sponsor, R. Cassidy Seminars, maintains responsibility for its CEU program. For more information on the licensing program and requirements, please visit the sponsor’s website.

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