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Explore considerations for planning and building capacity for equitable implementation of new programs and practices. 


Watch the Change and Implementation in Practice: Overview video to learn how key steps, tasks, and concepts fit together to support your agency’s change initiatives. 


Explore information and strategies for advancing racial equity through problem exploration.


Summarizes the change and implementation process and provides an overview of the Change and Implementation in Practice series briefs, “how to” guides that explain key steps and tasks in the process.


This brief can help child welfare agency leaders, managers, and teams set a strong foundation for a new program, practice, or other intervention. The brief begins with background information and definitions and then describes a step-by-step process for developing a comprehensive implementation plan and identifying capacity building strategies.


Consider ways to be intentional about advancing race equity while implementing new child welfare programs and practices. This publication includes questions for teams to consider throughout change and implementation processes—from the earliest stages of exploring a problem to identifying solutions to ensuring sustainable implementation.


This workbook and this video series are part of a collection of resources designed to help child welfare agency leaders, managers, and teams develop strategies and sequence tasks to prepare the agency for implementation. Use this workbook to further your understanding of concepts and prepare to move learning into action with your team.


This guide and this recorded webinar are part of a collection of resources designed to help child welfare agency leaders, managers, and teams develop strategies and sequence tasks to prepare the agency for implementation. Gather your staff to watch the webinar, “Preparing Your Team for Success: Strategies for Implementation Planning,” to learn how to engage stakeholders and team members in planning and preparing to implement an intervention. Then, use this guide to facilitate discussions and lead your team to move learning into action.


Discover how parent partner programs support family reunification by guiding and motivating parents into constructive interactions with the child welfare system and courts.


Use the template and instructions provided to develop parent partner program manuals.


Learn how child welfare professionals and family leaders can use the Parent Partner Program Navigator, a web-based, interactive resource that offers guidance for designing and implementing parent partner programs at child welfare agencies.


Use the four domain areas of the Parent Partner Program Navigator to learn the key components of designing and implementing successful parent partner programs.