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A summary of the key takeaways and steps of testing, piloting, and staging an intervention as part of a change and implementation process.


Learn to test, pilot, and stage an intervention to address an identified problem.


Watch the Change and Implementation in Practice: Overview video to learn how key steps, tasks, and concepts fit together to support your agency’s change initiatives. 


Summarizes the change and implementation process and provides an overview of the Change and Implementation in Practice series briefs, “how to” guides that explain key steps and tasks in the process.


Consider ways to be intentional about advancing race equity while implementing new child welfare programs and practices. This publication includes questions for teams to consider throughout change and implementation processes—from the earliest stages of exploring a problem to identifying solutions to ensuring sustainable implementation.


Record questions and ideas while you watch the Intervention Testing, Piloting, and Staging videos. You can then use these ideas to facilitate a discussion about the process of testing, piloting, and/or staging an intervention to catch any potential problems in advance.


Together with the Intervention Testing, Piloting, and Staging webinar to support skill development and facilitate team discussion and targeted action planning.


Summarizes the process of how to use testing and piloting of a new intervention to identify possible roadblocks, make needed adjustments before large-scale implementation, and plan staging to target resources strategically and learn from earlier results. The intervention testing, piloting, and staging webinar provides an overview of how an agency might use a structured approach to conduct a “trial run” and roll out an intervention effectively, and includes stories from the field on what testing, piloting, and scaling up an intervention looks like in practice.