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The Center for States provides research assistance and responds to information requests on building capacity in child welfare.

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Explore successful cross-system collaboration across three phases of child welfare interactions with families experiencing co-occurring issues—front-end investigation, case planning/service provision, and case resolution. 


Explore and reflect on the impact of, and opportunities to improve, assessment and decision-making processes. 


Use this reflection worksheet while viewing the video, The Full View: Comprehensive Assessment of Parents


Explore the impact of perceptions, attitudes, and organizational culture in child welfare. 


Explore insights on using protective capacities and protective factors to build a continuum of practice that extends from safety to strength-building. 


Use this Reflection Worksheet while viewing the video, The Full View: Comprehensive Assessment of Parents


Listen in as parents and workers share their perspectives on the value of and approaches to improving comprehensive assessment of parents. 


Explore how having access to the right information at the right time can improve assessment and decision-making at the child/family level, and how aggregate data can be used to support system improvements.