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This guide is designed to support administrative leaders in states and other jurisdictions in using data to assess and identify ways to improve their service array.


Explore the supportive relationship between a youth and her attorney.


Reveals how advocating for youth makes a difference in system change and in the advocates’ own lives. The Director of Policy and Advocacy at NMCAN and a youth advocate talk about their shared experience in testifying as expert witnesses for state legislative committees and how it created a strong bond between them.


Use this guide for tips, and strategies concerning the critical role leadership plays in creating and sustaining positive organizational culture.


Use this tool with your prevention planning team to prepare for and tackle the adaptive challenges that many states face as they develop and implement prevention plans. 


Browse the themes and key takeaways from the How We Partner With the Community to Improve Service Options podcast series.


Learn about the importance of successful collaboration and engagement for implementing prevention-focused systems.


Use this crosswalk to start thinking concretely about prevention planning as a change and implementation process. 


Develop a better understanding of customized congregate care and learn about implementing the FFPSA provisions in congregate care QRTP assessment.


Access strategies to better understand and implement the family engagement requirements of the FFPSA.


Learn solid strategies for understanding and implementing the trauma-informed care provisions of the FFPSA.


Highlights the advocacy work of state and regional youth leadership councils. Two paid regional and state youth specialists and the Texas Director for Transitional Living Services describe how including youth voice by providing them a “seat at the table” at the state capital enhances the child welfare system. All three discuss the rewards and personal impact of their work.


Tells the story of the relationship, initially forged over a shared meal, between a youth and her CASA worker. The CASA worker’s advocacy for concrete supports to meet the youth’s needs helped grow the trust in their relationship.


In this introduction to the podcast series How We Partner With the Community to Improve Service Options, agency leaders talk about the changing culture of their organizations. Leaders from Kentucky discuss their Child Welfare Transformation initiative, three transformational goals, and culture of safety.


Get practical information about supporting coordinated strategic and long-term planning.