CFSR Round 3 Statewide Data Indicator Series: Maltreatment in Foster Care

Get information and data on the CFSR indicator for measuring how well an agency helps prevent abuse or neglect of children in the state’s foster care system.

Publication year: 2019
Capacity Building Center for States


Provides information and data on the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) indicator, maltreatment in foster care, that measures whether the agency ensures that children do not experience abuse or neglect while in the State’s foster care system. This indicator holds States accountable for keeping children safe from harm while under the responsibility of the State, no matter who perpetrates the maltreatment while the child is in foster care. For use in continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities and CFSR trainings, this factsheet takes complex data calculations related to States’ performances and condenses them into a digestible reference to help State leaders, CQI staff, and other interested child welfare professionals understand and confidently explain CFSR data indicators to a variety of audiences.

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