Becoming a Workforce of Everyday Scientists: Leaders and Decision Makers in Agencies and Tribes

Presented at the Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2019, this session is designed for an audience of leaders, managers, and supervisors who need to understand how to motivate staff to develop a hunger for data. 

Publication year: 2019
Capacity Building Center for States

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Examines how to become more effective “everyday scientists” by gathering, using, and applying data in a systematic way to improve practice and explores seeding curiosity to generate innovative strategies.

Presenters: Dana Weiner, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago; Andrew Yost, Capacity Building Center for Courts; Melinda Feola-Mahar, Capacity Building Center for States; Margo Fudge, County of San Diego, California, Health and Human Services Agency, Child Welfare Services; Jerry Bruce, Georgia Supreme Court Committee on Justice for Children; Joseph Walker, JBS International, Inc.

Moderator: Dana Weiner, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

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