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Universal Services

Universal Services

The Center for States creates and disseminates innovative products and strategies that incorporate the latest research and lessons from the field on quality services and supports for children and families. Through Universal Services, we provide States and territories with the tools and resources needed to build capacity and support program administration and practice.

Library and Information Services

The Center for States Library and Information Services (Library Services) is responsible for providing timely, thorough, and accurate responses to requests for information about resources, publications, programs, statistics, legislation, and research on child welfare topics that are focused in the area of capacity building. Additionally, Library Services is responsible for managing our child welfare capacity building resources, including a database of training and technical assistance information.

Contact the Center to obtain research assistance, locate articles or resources, or determine which articles or resources best fit your needs.


The Center for States routinely identifies and develops resources to address pressing needs in the field and enable child welfare professionals and their agencies to provide quality services to children and families. Examples include practical tools, promising practice publications, data snapshots, and presentations. Visit the Resources section.

Implementing Federal Initiatives

Part of our mission is to support State child welfare agencies in building the capacity necessary to meet Federal requirements and effectively implement Federal initiatives. The Center for States develops products designed to enhance agencies' awareness and implementation of new Federal legislation, requirements, and policy.

For example, we have developed and continue to create tools and resources to help State child welfare agencies and professionals gain awareness and increase their understanding of the major provisions in the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act (P.L. 113-183).

As additional Federal initiatives arise, we will support State and territorial child welfare agencies with implementing new policies and laws by developing capacity building tools and resources that enhance their understanding of the issues and help them to meet new requirements.