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Constituency Services

Constituency Services

The Center for States' Constituency Services create opportunities for cohorts of child welfare professionals and groups of child welfare agencies to establish collaborative networks, connect with peers facing similar challenges, and discuss and share resources, information, and ideas.

Through Constituency Services, the Center builds relationships and connects child welfare professionals through peer networks called Constituency Groups. Constituency Groups come in many shapes and sizes and may take the following forms:

  • Child welfare professional groups (e.g., State foster care managers)
  • Public child welfare agency cohorts (e.g., county-administered systems)
  • Title IV-E waiver demonstration project cohorts
  • Specific partnerships (e.g., State-Tribe, agency-court)
  • Topical groups (e.g., implementers of P.L. 113-183)   

These groups engage in peer networking through the use of listservs and other technology to communicate ideas, events, and services relevant to the group. Eventually, a Constituency Group may evolve into a Community of Practice in which members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and problem solve.

Current Constituency Groups

Current Constituency Groups include members from a variety of child welfare fields, including adoption; child protection; continuous quality improvement and data; family empowerment and protection; foster care; information systems; and youth development. If you are interested in joining a Constituency Group, please contact us to request membership.

Learn more about the Centers current Constituency Groups.

Constituency Group Learning Experiences

The Center for States designs, develops, and implements learning experiences for targeted groups and builds skills and knowledge through coaching, training, and interactive virtual opportunities. Through CapLEARN, we offer child welfare audiences a variety of learning opportunities and services, including:

  • Group coaching and support
  • Self-directed, distance learning (e.g., e-learning, videos, interactive applications)
  • Group-based learning (e.g., virtual classes, coursework, applied exercises)
  • Continuing education

Through these experiences, Constituency Group members can take advantage of learning opportunities specifically targeted toward them and work together to increase the quality of practice in their field by building the knowledge and skills of the group as a whole.

For example, the CQI Training Academy provides foundational training in continuous quality improvement (i.e., the process of first identifying, describing, and analyzing strengths and problems and then testing, implementing, learning from, and revising solutions). Registration is open to all interested child welfare professionals.

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