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The Center for Courts services include consultation, peer networking, distance learning, product development, and dissemination. We collaborate closely with the Children's Bureau Central and Regional Office staff delivering services in three areas:

  • Universal Services—designed to increase awareness, understanding, and engagement among a broad audience of legal and judicial professionals across the country  
  • Constituency Services—designed to enhance knowledge, skills, and relationships among groups of professionals and peer groups    
  • Tailored Services—designed to help individual jurisdictions assess their needs, develop the capacities necessary to improve their performance, and achieve outcomes for children and families   

Accessing Services

For tailored services, each region is assigned a Liaison from the Center for Courts. The Liaisons work with the Court Improvement Program staff in each jurisdiction as part of the overall process for assessing the needs of a State and developing a capacity-building plan. For constituency and universal services, jurisdictions will be notified and given opportunities to engage in the processes.